You Can STILL Call Me Oscar!

A multiple sclerosis transformation I originally posted this blog on 9/6/13 but ironically, with the heat and humidity and all, it still applies today.  Except for the “it’s autumn” part.  I have to wait a couple of more weeks for that. But trust me, I’m counting the days! I slept really well last night, despite … Read more

If you’re in the Wrong Airport, you Might have MS

Chicago MS Summit Part II Part 1 of this post appeared on my blog last week and is titled, Meet Me in the Windy City Novartis provided all the airfare, hotel, meals and travel costs for this summit. I surprisingly still had a lot of energy after the summit ended. Maybe I shouldn’t have been … Read more

The Not So Golden, Slightly Tarnished Girls

Multiple Sclerosis is no match for a birthday The story starts like this.  Three besties gather at the home of a fourth to help her celebrate her birthday.  The friends are the serious Gidget, the shy Amber, and the wild child Traci. ******Note-names have been changed in this writing to protect the ages and the … Read more

Gag Me with an MS Spoon

Another very scary multiple sclerosis moment mixed with some 80’s fun You’ve probably heard of the Spoon Theory.  It’s an essay/story/explanation of how one woman uses spoons to describe chronic illness fatigue to her friend. It’s downright brilliant. I did some research and I think and hope the author of the Spoon Theory is Christine Miserandino.  … Read more

This MS Moment is Brought to you by the Letters ‘F’ and ‘U’ and the Number ‘2’

Multiple Sclerosis looks to Sesame Street for support It’s been kind of a frustrating week.  So frustrating that I didn’t have the piece of mind to write a new blog.  And so the frustrated me offers up one of my favorites……. It was Elmo that finally did me in.   Yes, Elmo, as in Tickle Me.  … Read more

Growl, Growl and Howl

Multiple Sclerosis is ticking me off! While my blog and my book both strongly suggest that laughter is a valid coping mechanism, I never meant for my fellow MS’ers to think that humor is all there is.  Lots of other emotions are necessary on this crummy, sucky journey of life with a chronic illness. For the … Read more

The World is coming to an End Part 1

Multiple Sclerosis is uncool   The world is coming to an end! Perhaps that statement is a little extreme.  But when I saw the commercial that was my first thought. What commercial you ask? The one where Henry Winkler tries to get people 62 and older to contact him about a reverse mortgage. You remember … Read more