FYI for 6/26/15 Post

Hi friends-  Due to computer issues I may not be posting a blog this week.   I will be back at blogging as soon as I get this issue resolved. Enjoy the rest of June my friends… Yvonne Image courtesy of pakorn at Image courtesy of samuiblue at

Out of the Mouth of Lucy

Multiple Sclerosis investigated by a six year old   Lucy is my cousin and she is six.  Technically, she is my great, great cousin.  And, as she is a great, great kid, that would be great except that two greats simply means that I am aging, greatly. (MS friends-if you were able to follow that … Read more

The Noisy Bed, Rated G

A multiple sclerosis staycation Last week, EMD Serono/Pfizer invited me and nine other MS bloggers from around the country to a summit. They wanted to pick our collective MS brains about MS blogger things. It was an honor to be included among this talented and eclectic group, a bunch of folks as different as our … Read more

Mr. Clean is the Man for Me

Multiple sclerosis tries to clean up It’s not a secret that I have slight germ-a-phobe tendencies. I’m not quite ready to lock myself in a plastic bubble (scrubbing bubbles to be precise) just yet, but it is troublesome. On a yearly family trip with my mom and sister, I have to run and hide when … Read more

Feeling a Little Icky?

Multiple sclerosis ickiness returns… Been a little crazy in my world lately friends so posting another repeat.  Since MS ickiness is a pretty regular things, I’m hoping you won’t mind! But before we get to the blog, please remember my ongoing contest!  While I have had some great entries, the grand prize of a $25 … Read more

Hey MS, Hug This!

Some results, dancing, and a little bit of a book   Hope everyone is stuffed in a good way this day after Thanksgiving! First up on today’s blog, I must apologize for misstating the chapter of MS Madness: A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis. I have been talking about the Hey MS, … Read more