Too Lazy Even For Me

An MS’er looks at the new and improved

So I know that I mention (complain, whine, lament) here a lot about the extreme fatigue that comes with MS. But it is a fact and with this fact, comes the fact that many an MS’er has learned to take shortcuts to save energy. Most of these shortcuts involve skipping unnecessary tasks. Some MS’ers are pretty good at this. Me, I’m still learning.

Even though I skip watching TV commercials as much as possible (especially in an election year- so glad THAT’S over), I was drawn to a particular commercial recently. I think what caught my attention was that the commercial started by asking the question “how many buttons does your car have?”

I had never really thought about it. My car is a paint chipped 2005 Toyota Corolla that has served me well since I bought it pre-owned in 2004 (don’t ask.) With the exception of the incident where a tree fell on it during a freak winter storm (another don’t ask but now you have the root of the paint chip problem,) I have been very happy with it.

It has buttons but I have never counted how many. I just push them and go. The commercial was for a 2013 Cadillac XTS and the reason why the commercial was asking about buttons was because this new model of Cadillac has far less buttons than your average vehicle.

The car has sensors that tell the car’s control panel (essentially its dashboard) everything that is happening on the road around you. It has a Cue which means it can give you infinite listening features as well as unlimited access to all your contacts.

It can connect up to ten different Bluetooth devices and it has Natural Voice Recognition so that you don’t even have to lightly touch the control panel, you can just tell the car what you want it to do. You can buy this car and go from a few buttons that you have to manually push in your current car to this car where you don’t have to move at all!

Maybe it’s me, and keeping in mind that I am all about conserving my energy, but I can’t help thinking that if I am too tired to push a button, then I am probably too tired to be behind the wheel. Arms too achy to maneuver the steering wheel? Perhaps I don’t belong behind the steering wheel at that particular time!


Only a day after seeing that particular commercial, a friend sent me an email warning me about a problem with newly issued credit cards. All you shoppers out there, take note. It seems without you even requesting it, credit card companies are issuing new cards that have a teeny tiny wireless symbol on the back of them.

What this means for you is that you no longer have to stress yourself out with the tedious task of swiping your card thru the credit card machine when you purchase something. You can just pull your card out of your wallet and the WIFI signal will tell the credit card machine all your card info.

Thank goodness! After a long day of hitting the stores, that little swipe at the register completely does me in.

Again, maybe it’s me, but I am thinking that if I am too tired to be swiping my card for a whole two seconds when I buy something, maybe I shouldn’t be shopping. Let’s see- I’d really love the new Cadillac XTS but I am just too exhausted to swipe my card. Oh, I can just hold my card while I walk by the machine. Great- let’s do it, the Cadillac is all mine!

I received the email warning because, (surprise surprise,) thieves have learned how to use these new cards to steal from you. They just hold up a flat screen as you happen by a credit card machine and they are good to go.

On the days when my fatigue really sets in, if you don’t know me or my MS you could try to call me lazy. Try it all you want but I bet I will suddenly find some energy to belt you. But in my super long list of things that are exhausting, pushing a button and swiping a card don’t come up.

If they could make a gadget that automatically gives you a shower, puts on your clothes and make up, and styles your hair, I might be interested. How about a gadget that cooks dinner AND washes the dishes? Now you’re talking.

If I could recline on my sofa resting my very achy body and just tell a gadget to do the laundry, I might get excited. I am not too particular, I would even understand if I had to push a button to activate the thing. As long as I didn’t have to push the button more than once or push it too hard, I’m all for it.

Hey Salt-N-Pepa, the eighties are over, we don’t have to push it anymore. Unless we want too of course.

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10 thoughts on “Too Lazy Even For Me

  1. Lol! Love it! My husband can’t figure out how one minute I can’t get out of the chair because I’m so tired, but the next I can cook a full meal and do the dishes with no problems!Like I really understand it myself. Lol! I’m certainly ready for the button for laundry(and maybe on for folding and putting away too!). Thanks for another great blog!

    • Thank you so much Vanessa! I love your comments and am so grateful for your support! Happy day after Thanksgiving, rest and dream up magic buttons day!

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