The Evil Curse of the Yellow Green Demon Dust

Multiple sclerosis and spring crash, badly


If the contents of this blog sound way too familiar, you are not going crazy. While it is not an actual repeat, it does bear many of the common complaints listed in a better titled blog from last April, Chop Their Happy Little Heads Off.

I spoke too damn soon this year. For a whole two seconds, I actually started to get excited about spring, my least favorite time of year. I noticed the beautiful flowers sprouting everywhere and appreciated their symbol of colorful new life developing through the seasons. I even studied them in my quest for the perfect flower to represent multiple sclerosis, Forget-me-nots.


Unlike previous years, I did not mock people who were excited when the warmer weather arrived. When it seemed like we officially had to bid farewell to snow, I smiled as I put my shovel and boots away.

I proudly thought of the savings that would be made clear in my utility bill as I turned off the heat. I even dared to go to bed without socks on.

I bought bug spray, started wearing sunscreen (note- the experts want you to do that all year,) and fantasized about long strolls on the beach.


As people around me began to speak of allergies and started sneezing and sniffling, I felt smug as I remained unaffected. The allergen that caused one of my friends to break out in a rash so badly that the hospital wanted to commit and study her, must be from a different type of contaminant.

I was weathering May superbly. I tentatively opened windows and was thrilled that the light wind was blowing in crisp, fresh air. I constantly dusted the window sills for pollen and there wasn’t any! Spring truly would be lovely this year.

As the talk around me got worse and I told myself allergy sufferers were just whiners who liked to whine, I soaked up the season. Until yesterday when sitting by the cool window, I turned to my computer and found it awash in ugly yellow green dust.


I had only just inspected to make sure my house was pollutant free. But it seemed that within minutes, pollen, the disgusting by-product of spring had attacked and I was running for cover. I closed windows and started cleaning; which was a major bummer as I had just completed some super intense cleaning only eight weeks before.

Suddenly my MS symptoms of late had a new cause- the headaches, the sore throat and the extreme fatigue on top of already extreme fatigue might now be a combination of MS and the attack of the demon dust.

I ran to my medicine chest for my free sample of allergy medication, only to discover that my free sample of allergy medication was actually a free sample of heartburn medication.

I grabbed my keys and made for my car; a trip to the pharmacy was in order. But outside, I was blinded by the evil demon dust and in the place where my car had been parked there was now a huge filthy yellow green monster.

If God creates the season and the flowers, then pollen must be from an alternate source. Satan himself, covering God’s spring beauty with misery. There is no way this particular dust comes from fairies. It must be demonic.


I pictured demons flying around my yard and covering my house, my poor car and me with this awful stuff and flew back into the house for shelter. The house that was now boiling hot with all the windows closed. Back to multiple sclerosis, heat wreaks even more havoc on an MS body.

I had only recently turned off the thermostat; was I now to start jacking up the utility bill with the air conditioning? But no, I found my little portable ac buried under a bunch of stuff and likely also covered with pollen.


It was all too much. So I did what I do best. I fell into bed and covered my head with a pillow. Then I fell asleep.

Spring should only be around for another five or six weeks, right? I can totally sleep until then, easy.


Important Note

Dear Friends,

While this blog may seem to suggest that I am overwhelmed by the little annoyances of life, please note that this is just me trying to fight back against these annoyances with a little humor. In no way do I take these minor troubles too seriously.

I feel this is important to note in light of the tragic weather that took place in Oklahoma earlier this week, causing death, catastrophic injuries, and destruction throughout a large part of the state. The people of Oklahoma are facing real struggles right now and likely have little to laugh about. Please join me in sending them prayers, well wishes, and whenever possible, donations to help them in the aftermath of this extreme misfortune.



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5 thoughts on “The Evil Curse of the Yellow Green Demon Dust

  1. I agree with you about the pollen it is such a pain, I have been taking Allegra for a couple of weeks already as I have been getting the sneezing, itchy and watery eyes,and poor Jaclyn is heading to Washington DC june 4th and they told us at the parent meeting that the pollen is even worse there so I need to pack some for her to use…At work the offrice is always so warm and stuffy and as I didn’t want to open windows and have everything covered in pollen I have been using the A/C fan cant wait for the pollen to be gone hoping the rain they are saying we are getting this weekend washes it all away…
    **The Oklahoma tragedy is so awful looking at the photos on the news I was stunned as I was in Moore OK just 2 months ago, hearing about the 2 schools was so heartbreaking I posted the names of organizations where people can make donations to help. I send prayers to all in Oklahoma, and family members who have lost loved ones.

    • We got some heavy rain last night- does that mean the demon dust will be gone? If so, I may actually come out of my cave!

  2. Yeah heard the rain last night and I was running in and out of it all morning getting 10 cottages ready for rental….hoping that all the rain will at least make the pollen a lot less when we ever get the sun again…..I was very productive went to stop&shop last night after work to get enough food to get us til tues at least, ran to bank this morning before going to clean and fueled up the car and bought a few packs of cigs so aside from having to go to and from work I will be hiding out at home this weekend.

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