A Little MS TMI

A super embarrassing multiple sclerosis symptom

There are not enough words in the English language to describe something that is weird; I know, I’ve checked.

Recently I was told about this neat trick in my Microsoft program where I can type in a word and then right click on it for a list of synonyms. So, of course I typed “weird” and all that came up was: strange, odd, bizarre, peculiar, uncanny, eerie and creepy.

These adjectives are no match for multiple sclerosis. Since MS is a worldwide disease, maybe other countries have better words. But as English is the only language I know, I’m not sure what those words are.

I used to know some Portuguese but all my MS brain can remember is some swear words that may work but not exactly….

So how then do I explain to you a recent and very personal but weird, (odd, uncanny, peculiar, etc.) symptom?

Since I have started writing about my MS, I have given up on being too easily embarrassed. This symptom however, may fall under the realm of TMI (too much information.) But it is so, well weird, I have to share it with you.

Forgive me for the graphic nature of this description.

Lately, whenever I have to use the bathroom (which is ALWAYS since one of my most minor but annoying symptoms is increased frequency and urgency of urination-yuck,) when I sit on the toilet seat, my right butt cheek feels as though I have sat on something wet. There, I have said it. Gross huh?

And yes, I am sure that is not the actual case. When this happens, I am not sitting on something wet. Trust me, I have checked that too.

As I am a slight germaphobe (not quite at the Howie Mandel or Monk stage but I can see it fast approaching), I am always pretty careful about what’s going on where I am sitting.

In the cases where I have to use a public restroom (which is becoming harder and harder to avoid,) I am pretty anal (forgive the bad pun) about what I will be sitting on. Plus, this unique situation (hey I just came up with an adjective that Microsoft didn’t include and yet I still did lousy on all those cognitive tests!), happens everywhere- at home, at my mom’s, at friend’s houses, etc.

What is this and why did it just start and why does it only occur on one side of my butt? How can this latest symptom (indication, sign, warning sign, indicator,) make sense?

Oh right, it is MS. About the only thing in multiple sclerosis that makes sense is that it doesn’t make any sense at all!

What is your most bizarre MS symptom?

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13 thoughts on “A Little MS TMI

    • I love that you made your comment rhyme! So happy when comments also help people to smile. Hope you are feeling better Barbara..

    • Totally crazy Beverly! Thank you for checking this out and reminding me once again that I am not the one who is crazy. at least not about toilet seats.

  1. Well havent had that happen to me but i have had my share of wierd things happen with my body…and Yes people she is a bit of a germophobe

    • Thank you Donna- it just gets weirder and weirder. How about the bug issue- just a little while ago I was convinced there was a spider on the back of my right hand. Even felt that feeling as I was clearly looking at my hand and it was free…..Thank you so much for checking out the blog!

  2. As always, you made me laugh out loud! I have had this happen. However, as I live with 3 kids, a man who is at times directionaly challenged and pets that drink from the toilet I can only assume that it really was wet. Is there room in your purse for toilet seat covers? 🙂

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