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Hi friends

I had a ton of ideas for a new MS humor blog this week.  Then things, namely life, got away from me and I had no time to write one.

I didn’t want to leave you empty handed however and so I offer this piece of writing as a substitute.  I hope it makes you smile anyway.

My plan is to be back at you on Friday the thirteenth, (yikes!) with something new.  Til then, may you all have a health and humor filled week.



We ARE New Englanders!

We don’t just run on Dunkins, we INVENTED Dunkins!

Every year we expect a white Christmas.  Every year we don’t get a white Christmas. Yet, every year, we expect a white Christmas.

8-10 inches of snow is nothing for us.  But we are going to complain about it anyway,

No storm prep is complete without a visit to the packie.


To the average home owner an air conditioner and a lawn mower are luxuries, a generator is a necessity.

We can’t wait for summer!  But as soon as we celebrate the fourth, we start counting down the days to Labor Day.

No matter how many times we see a New Yorker get confused in a rotary, we are still surprised that New Yorkers don’t know how to drive in a rotary.

Most of the country never thought much about the word “wicked” until we started pointing out how wicked awesome the word “wicked” really is…

We waited years for the Big Dig to be completed but lose our minds when there is a tie up at the bridge.


And when we say the bridge we know what bridge that is

We are fiercely, deathly loyal to all of our local sports team, no matter how they are playing.

So loyal that when a scandal breaks out about one of them, local celebrities willingly take credit for it.


Don’t you dare mess with one of our teams- we will fight to the death to protect their name and reputation.

But we (and only we) have the best curse words to yell at them when they are not playing well.

When Mother Nature hands us lemons, we will find a way to make a buck out of it!  Suddenly everyone has a plow and people start selling snow to crazy people outside of New England.

We know that we don’t talk funny- the rest of the country does.

We have a gorgeous ocean, beautiful bays, and lovely lakes.  But we really love our Dirty Water!

Proud to be a New Englander!



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  1. Cheers to you, my New Englander GF!! I think you should come & spend a year in Southwest Arkansas with us, get familiar with our “wicked” ways & write a blog post about things down South! You game?? 😉

    • Sounds like fun Susan! It is definitely something to think about. You would have to share some of your Southern secrets though!

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