Star Wars is Coming Back!

The return of an MS smoothie master When I first started bloggin,g one of Montel William’s peeps sent me a free Healthmaster Elite in the hopes that I would blog about using it.  I did and the result was this blog post from July of 2012.  I’m reposting now because I have vowed to get … Read more

Talking Turkey on Turkey Day

A multiple sclerosis Thanksgiving post “Over the meadow and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go…”  Lydia Maria Child In my world the song goes something like this- “Over the bridge and around the city to my cousin’s house we go…” And by “we,” I mean multiple sclerosis and I. Yes, I am traveling … Read more

The Star Wars Way is Back

Another installment in the multiple sclerosis ‘get fit’ plan updates Ahhh, spring is here.  A time when your internal core body temperature thermometer competes with your indoor thermometer and your outdoor thermometer all at once.  A time when you don’t know whether you want to put on a second pair of wool socks or jump into the … Read more