Pink and Orange Creatures

Same MS symptom, new MS monster When you were a kid, did you have a monster that lived under your bed? Being a child growing up by the seashore I wasn’t capable of worrying about just any old monster under my bed. My monster had a twist. And he didn’t live under my bed. He … Read more

Getting Dizzy With It

The spin in multiple sclerosis   When I was a teenager I worked at a card store. I still remember the best card I ever stocked. It was in the “Thinking of You” section and the front cover had a drawing of a person who was shaded in blue, sitting on a chair. The front … Read more

Press One for Dumb

MS Stupid is as MS Stupid Does For the record, I’m not saying that people with brain fog or other cognitively limiting chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis are dumb. That would be wrong. And it would get people really, really mad at me just as I am trying to sell them a book or two-too … Read more

Making it up as I Go

Multiple Sclerosis attempts to pretty up a bit I am terrified of my foundation. Ahhh, dear sympathetic readers, I must be psychic as I can hear your concern across the internet. “Yvonne must have fallen again and she is worried about her safety- that is what she means by foundation. She needs a more stable … Read more

Lots and Lots of March Stuff

Happy first week of March everyone! Healthline So much to share with you friends! First up, and in no particular order, other than the order that I finally learned how to post this badge on my blog and am afraid to move it around for fear of losing it, order-  my blog was nominated a … Read more