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100 MS Episodes

Multiple Sclerosis Comedy

Stop the presses!

Call Willard Scott!

Light the candles!

I’m turning 100 today!

And believe me; I have the aches, the pains, the pills and the posts to prove it!

Perhaps you’re confused. While MS often makes me feel 100, you are thinking to yourself, she can’t really be THAT old, can she? If so, the broad looks pretty good; she doesn’t look a day over 91.


Ahh, thank you for the encouragement friends! Allow me to be more specific. Today marks my 100th blog post making my blog 100!!!

Who’d have thunk it-that this little blog I started over three years ago would live to be 100? For you fact checkers, history buffs, and my future Wikipedia biographer, (so hoping to get a Wikipedia biography someday-that’s how you know you’ve made it,) the first blog posting was on 11/27/11. The number 100 includes 15 blogs that I wrote for the website MSRelief. com between May of 2012 and May of 2013.

I was excited to reach 100, thinking that it was a big deal. I was reminded of TV commercials for popular sitcoms that announce “our 100th episode airs on Tuesday!” It seemed fitting. Perhaps my little blog is like a written MS sitcom.

Being competitive, I decided to compare my number of episodes with some of my favorite sitcoms. I was crushed to learn that Modern Family has reached 115. They started 2 years before me but still.


I thought I would go back in history to feel better. Laverne and Shirley had 178- even more depressing!

I researched further and discovered that Gilligan’s Island only had 98 episodes.

Phew, that makes me feel better. Instead of Gilligan, I have multiple sclerosis in this wacky comedy. According to Wikipedia-my go to website for factual research- comedy means work generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by inducing laughter.

Gotcha Gilligan!


Gunning for you Laverne!

When I started this MS humor blog foray, a dear friend and fellow writer said “you know you’ll run out of material after a while.” But oh, how she underestimated multiple sclerosis. Seems MS likes to give me A LOT to work with.

In the thirty months since I began the yvonnedesousa.com blog (I guess I really should give it a better name-too bad How I Met Your Mother is already taken,) I have whined- Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot, Call Me Oscar, pined-Taffy Summer, Too Many Steves and learned some silly songs- I Feel Icky, 12 Days of Christmas MS Style.


Speaking of Christmas, this blog has celebrated the holidays-What Do MS and Christmas Have in Common, Resolve This, When MS and Lent Collide and given advice- 10 Things to Never Say to Someone with MS and Major Radioactive Insanity.


You, dear readers, have watched me work out- Me and My Wii, Flipnastics, and MS Extreme Sports and helped me improve my diet-Kale the New Frontier, Once Bitten, and Floored by Broccoli, Tricked by a Kid.

You’ve watched me survive some vicious storms- Stormy Sleepy Sandy and Could Be Minutes, Could Be Days and helped me clean up- Tumble Bunnies, Mr. Clean is the Man for Me.

You were there for me when I was forced to say goodbye- Just Not Feeling It and A Shower Story and you read along while I shared my deepest, darkest neurosis-This MS Moment is Brought to you by the Letters ‘F’ and ‘U’ and the Number ‘2’ and It’s On My List.

When I went on crazy adventures, you were there to laugh at me- Scooter Stalker and Did You Hear the One about the One MSer who Drove the Other MSer to the Neurologist.


We lamented the strangest of the strange when it comes to MS symptoms-All Aboard, MS Counts, MS Shuffle and Shake.

And together we enjoyed the music of the best band in the world- Like an MS Rolling Stone and MS Sucks.

Through it all, I’ve done my best to provide you, friends, with sage and hard earned wisdom- Stupid MS, Invisible Idiocy and MS is a Conundrum.

Wow, remembering all of this is making me super tired. Then again, I get super tired just taking off my shoes.

The point is, this 100th blog post calls for a celebration!

And I wanted to share this celebration with all of you to thank you for your awesome support.


Now, please, no gifts required. Yes, I know how generous you are but it’s enough of a gift for me to know that there are people as wonderful as yourselves who read these little notes I post once a week.

But, if you happen to be one of those folks who are so generous that you bring a gift to the “No gifts please” events, far be it from me to rob you of that special joy. While I can always use alcohol swabs, that is not very exciting.

An exciting gift for me would be for you to read my new book MS Madness! A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis and if you enjoy it, tell all your friends and ask them to tell all of their friends!

That would be a super duper 100th Episode gift!

Thank you and I’ll be thinking of all of you when I blow out the candles Gilligan is lighting for my blog right now..


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MS Puzzle Pieces

Clearing up some multiple sclerosis crazy

Multiple sclerosis is nothing if not a frustrating learning curve. Wikipedia’s definition of a learning curve (and who knows where THAT comes from), states “the increase of information is sharpest after the initial attempts, and then gradually evens out, meaning that less and less new information is retained after each repetition.”

I’m not even sure what that means. The point is, since my diagnosis I have had to learn many things over and over again. I would learn them, forget them, re-learn them, discover that what I learned is no longer valid, unlearn it, and learn it again in a new way. Phew!

Add to that, a lot of what you learn does not make much sense and leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out how or if it is even helpful.. MS is like a huge jigsaw puzzle with MS’er’s trying to fit all the puzzling puzzle pieces into place.

If you are newly diagnosed, I want to spare you as much frustration as possible. Since multiple sclerosis is different for everyone, that means whatever I share with you may or may not apply, and may or may not be worth learning.

Still, I am willing to share, so, before I forget any of these puzzling bits of information, let me list some of them for you.

-If you have MS, you should drink a lot of water to help maintain your health- water is great for you.

-People with MS often have bladder issues that can cause frequent trips to the bathroom or accidents.

ID-10083959 (1)

-Drinking less water can help alleviate some of the above.

-Or, you can take medication to also help alleviate your bladder symptoms.

-The medication will cause you the worst dry mouth you have ever had.

-The only relief for the dry mouth is drinking more water which will cancel out the effects of the medication.

MS is an invisible illness- you often won’t look like you have MS.

-If you don’t look like you have MS, people will wonder why you are tired all the time.

-When you tell them it is because you have MS, they won’t believe you and will think you are just lazy.

-When you try to explain that is not the case, they will say you are in making excuses or are in denial.


MS CAN make you look like you are drunk.

-When you tell people you are not drunk, they will say you are in even more denial.

-Treating MS costs a lot of money.


-In order to get money, you need to work.

-Working makes you so tired that you may screw up at work.

-This causes your boss to think that maybe you shouldn’t work as you are too tired.


-You can get energy from eating healthy foods and exercising.

-You need energy to prepare healthy foods and to exercise.

And finally,

Multiple Sclerosis is so complicated, there is a lot of information you need to remember.

Multiple Sclerosis can often cause difficulty with memory.

I hope you find this information helpful, friends. And I hope you remember it as I have already forgotten.

Someone please remind me, wasn’t I working on a puzzle?


Happy Day after the 4th of July friends!  Early summer has kicked my butt a bit.  If some of this sounds familiar it may be because this blog was previously posted on MSRelief.com   

I promise, really promise to post an original blog next week!


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A multiple sclerosis companion

Picture 13

I didn’t have any real pets when I was a kid. At various times I had a hamster, a guinea pig and a fish named Elvis but I am not counting those as “real”. By real, I mean a pet that you can cuddle with and who is able to roam safely and freely around your house.

My mom was ailurophobic, which is just a fancy way of saying that she believed she was a mouse in another life, and cats were out of the question. She did like dogs, but did not like the money, mess or work involved with letting your kids have one.


I tried getting around that by kidnapping dogs from time to time and saying they followed me home. The first one REALLY did follow me home, and when it looked like the dog officer wouldn’t be able to find his owner, we almost got to keep him.

Since I got close, my nine year old brain figured it was only a matter of time before an owner would not be found and started grabbing dogs by the collar and dragging them home with me. What I didn’t figure out is that their collars had their owners name on them and thus, never got to keep them.


Too bad too, as a pet could really come in handy now. My rental does not allow pets and so I am still petless. But all the smart people on the web say that pets can help promote healing. Luckily for me, my portable air conditioner must have read those same websites.

During a miserable heat wave in my area, when I really needed healing, my ac came through. It wasn’t only that it helped me cool down, it took to staying by my side as if it felt the need to cuddle.


I don’t think the fact that I was staying glued to its cold little body had anything to do with it. My ac seemed to want to bond too.

With my MS comes the annoying symptom of having to pee constantly. The heat and humidity didn’t help as I needed to drink more water, which meant I needed to pee even more.

Here is where the real  bonding came in. Suddenly, my little ac had a small bladder. The hotter it got, the more it had to pee as well.

Technically, the ac actually had a small basin that collected water droplets and needed to be emptied frequently, especially in the humidity. But how else do you explain it when I got up in the middle of the night and my ac had shut down, looking pathetic and in major need.


I emptied myself, and emptied my ac. It really had to go and actually had an accident on my bedroom floor. But water free, we both settled down to try to rest.

Two hours later, I was up again. Getting out of bed, I saw my ac looking agitated and miserable. It was almost as though it was saying “Yvonne, wait for me! I have to go too, really, really bad!” This continued throughout the heat wave; relieve myself, relieve the ac, rest briefly, repeat.

During that horrible week my ac and I grew closer than I ever thought possible with any of the dogs I tried to drag home. And with the comfort it offered when I was an achy, miserable mess, I realized the experts are right. Pets do help promote healing!


This particular blog may seem familiar to some of you.  It resembles one I had previously posted here, Feelin Hot, Hot Hot and was a blog I wrote for another website, MSRelief.com    

I haven’t run out of new ideas- MS seems to offer a lot of them!  But have been a little overwhelmed  lately.  I promise an original blog again soon.