MS Counts

Multiple Sclerosis and Arithmetic This August I received some disturbing news; Count von Count passed away. I didn’t hear about this from the internet or TV news, but from my own local newspaper. It seems that Count von Count actually lived in my neighborhood (my real neighborhood, not Sesame Street.) It made me sad that … Read more

Fall’s Healthy Tidbits

Multiple sclerosis and the ‘get fit’ plan I didn’t intentionally time the end of my 50 Shades of Green/Doing It Veggie Style Contest to collide with the start of my favorite season. Funny how things happen that way. But the contest has ended and I have some awesome, healthy recipes to try. What is weird, … Read more

Broccoli Soup

A Healthy Eating Plan for People with Multiple Sclerosis Little by little, through bouts of miserable humidity, I am making my way through Montel’s smoothies. On an only slightly hot day, I made the Raspberry Peach Smoothie and it was awesome! It was a healthy and refreshing way to cool off. I would next like … Read more

Unproductive Produce

Multiple Sclerosis and the Grocery Store I hope anyone following my blog hasn’t given up on me and my ‘get fit’ plan that uses my Wii Fit and Montel William’s Healthmaster Elite. During late July/early August there were a few gorgeous, almost autumn like days where I was super productive on the plan. My Wii … Read more