Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

An MS’er acknowledges autumn, again   ******This blog was first published last year.  But the sentiment is so relevant, I had to post it again.  Plus, it was a busy week.****** I have said it before and I will say it again, I love fall!  And again, I really, really love fall!  It is my … Read more

Too Many Steves

Multiple Sclerosis in the dating world   *****The names of the males in this blog post have been changed in order to protect my reputation**** I was talking to friends about the need to change some names while editing my book. I told them that one of the names I had to change was that … Read more

December Dates

An MS’er looks at the calendar It is the Monday morning after a month long stay in another state, visiting relatives. My family and I had returned late on the previous Thursday evening. The next day it was all I could do through my fatigue to go to the post office and pick up the … Read more

What do Multiple Sclerosis and Christmas Have in Common?

An MS’er gets ready for the holidays   I can just see you rolling your eyes as you read that line. You are thinking “ok, Yvonne has finally lost it for real. Christmas is a beautiful time of year filled with love, peace and joy. It has absolutely nothing to do with the dreaded illness … Read more

Too Lazy Even For Me

An MS’er looks at the new and improved So I know that I mention (complain, whine, lament) here a lot about the extreme fatigue that comes with MS. But it is a fact and with this fact, comes the fact that many an MS’er has learned to take shortcuts to save energy. Most of these … Read more

Scary Brain, Scary Movie

Multiple Sclerosis is a Horror Show It is the afternoon and I am shuffling around my house, trying to focus. I have my lists; all the MS helpful tip books suggest lists. There is the to-do-this-week list. There is the to-do-before-Christmas list and the things-I-should-try-to-do-in-general list. There is, of course, the things-I-should-try-not-to-forget list. But the … Read more

Multiple Sclerosis in Margaritaville

  Recently, a friend who visits Florida twice a year, every year, gave me a gift. It was a glass from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Café and it had taken her a lot of alcoholic, frozen drinks to accumulate enough glasses to pass around to her friends. In the last days of August, as the humidity … Read more

Unproductive Produce

Multiple Sclerosis and the Grocery Store I hope anyone following my blog hasn’t given up on me and my ‘get fit’ plan that uses my Wii Fit and Montel William’s Healthmaster Elite. During late July/early August there were a few gorgeous, almost autumn like days where I was super productive on the plan. My Wii … Read more