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Bigly Annoyed

An MS nonpolitical political post


Dear Mr. Trump,

I would like my word back please.  You know the word.  The one people are teasing you about and saying you made up.  I know that you say that the news media is against you but I actual saw several trying to help.  They slowed down your words because they thought you might be saying “big league” and if you were saying “big league” they wouldn’t need to mock you for saying “bigly.” I’m not mocking you however because “bigly” is a perfectly acceptable word.  I know, because my MS brain created it.

Sometimes our thoughts come so fast, we don’t know if the thing that we are describing is a noun, deserving an adjective, or a verb requiring an adverb.  So “bigly” combines “big” for nouns and “greatly” for verbs making it the perfect word for all occasions.  It’s sort of like the other word I created “partalee,” a word my brain came up with when I couldn’t decide if I wanted to say “partly” or “partially.”  Now I don’t have to choose; perfect MS reasoning.


My only question is when did you hear me say “bigly?”  Were you behind me in Walmart when I told the nice cashier how I bigly appreciated their low prices?  Were you on the other side of the divider at H&R Block when I said I was bigly pleased that I didn’t make enough money to need to pay any taxes?

Well, wherever you heard me use “bigly” I guess I can let it go.  BUT, if Merriam-Webster decides to add “bigly” to their next dictionary I WILL sue.  Perhaps you can help me with that?


Yvonne deSousa

The thing is, after I finished my letter I grew concerned.  What if Donald Trump didn’t overhear me say bigly?  What if he came up with it on his own?  What does that mean about his brain? Could he have cognitive deficiencies from multiple sclerosis too?

I decided to investigate and the results are not encouraging.  Like me, he forgets things.id-100265731

He forgets meeting people he has met.

He forgets things he says he has said.

He forgets his opinions on things.

He even forgets important dates!  I’ll see you at the polls on November 28th my scary haired friend.

But so what; lots of people forget things.   But he also repeats himself just like I do!!!  I’m constantly saying “MS sucks” or “I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired” or “Keith Richards is the man!”   Donald constantly says “believe me” or “disaster” or “great again.”

Perhaps those words are important and so not surprising that he repeats them.  It’s important that I share Keith’s greatness with the world and so repeating things isn’t in itself a concern.id-100285623

But what about the lack of focus and the lack of “umph” (not a word my MS brain created) to get things done?  Whenever he’s asked a question his brain takes over and he’ll be talking about healthcare and the next thing you know he’s talking about emails.

I do this kind of thing ALL THE TIME!

And he keeps meaning to release his tax returns and he’s promised people he’ll release his tax returns but he just can’t seem to get it done.

I can so relate…

Still, I wasn’t completely convinced until I saw that he also has trouble explaining what he means.  He knows what he’s thinking and knows the wonderful plans he has but when he wants to share them with other people he just can’t get the words out.  That is such a classic example of MS that I’m now very worried.

Can a person with multiple sclerosis handle having control of the country?



I couldn’t do it.  I can’t even handle having control of my TV remote control.

But they do say that MS affects people differently so maybe if he is elected he’ll do alright.

But still, I’d feel better if we knew for sure.  So Mr. Trump, for your health and for the health of our nation, I think I few MRI’s are in order.  Perhaps a spinal tap as well.   And while you’re at it, maybe throw in some neuro-psych testing too, just to be safe….


Happy Halloween my friends!   I was going to re-post a Halloween blog but I thought the 2016 Presidential election was scary enough!  Can we dare hope that this whole thing is just a Halloween trick and we’ll wake up on November 1st to discover that our treat is other candidates?  Well, one can dream.

Or, one can have some really, bigly nightmares!


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