Gag Me with an MS Spoon

Another very scary multiple sclerosis moment mixed with some 80’s fun You’ve probably heard of the Spoon Theory.  It’s an essay/story/explanation of how one woman uses spoons to describe chronic illness fatigue to her friend. It’s downright brilliant. I did some research and I think and hope the author of the Spoon Theory is Christine Miserandino.  … Read more

No Curtains for You

A multiple sclerosis shopping escapade We were going on a road trip, my mom, our friend Annmarie and I.  The goal was curtains.  I didn’t need curtains.  I probably needed to wash the curtains I had, but I had curtains.  The ones in my kitchen and living room were left over from the previous tenant … Read more

Gina Blue is Disabled Too

A chronic illness companion My car and I go back a long way, 10 years to be exact.  She was a pretty, blue, 2005, used Toyota Corolla that I bought in 2004. No, that is not a typo or a result of MS brain fog.  Weird as it seems, the 2005 cars came out early … Read more

Can You Ear Me Now?

Multiple Sclerosis is within earshot I don’t mean to open my blog with an annoying reminder of a Verizon commercial that will stay with you for days and have you, my dear readers, walking around and constantly asking people, “Can you hear me now?  Can you hear me now?” Truly, I don’t. I love and … Read more

For Those Who Might Have Forgotten—Forget-me-nots

An Official MS Flower As I do, I have been complaining about Spring quite a bit lately and will probably do it more in the future. But for those who actually like this season, I thought I would re-post this past blog in dedication to them.   Please allow me to send you some flowers … Read more


An official MS flower   Do you have a favorite flower, friends? I am not just asking my female readers; men can appreciate flowers too. Although their flowering tastes likely go to something masculine like a braided money tree or a Venus fly trap (both of which are actually plants but so what?) Men enjoy … Read more

MS Extreme Sports

Multiple Sclerosis sporting events Years ago, my 10 year old nephew spent the weekend with me and we went to the video store to rent some movies. (For you young ones who need clarification, my nephew is 21 now so this was back in the scary days before Netflicks, On Demand and Amazon. There was … Read more