A Little MS TMI

An embarrassing multiple sclerosis symptom There are not enough words in the English language to describe something that is weird; I know, I’ve checked. Recently I was told about this neat trick in my Microsoft program where I can type in a word and then right click on it for a list of synonyms.   So, … Read more

The Curious Case of Multiple Sclerosis Part 4

What’s good for you is impossible to get to   I first noticed this particular multiple sclerosis peculiarity about two months after my diagnosis.   I was at an MS support group meeting in a hospital.  This support group was sponsored by a local drug company and since drug companies have tons of money, they fed … Read more

Zen and the Art of Resting

Multiple sclerosis procrastinating, I mean, meditating When I was in college, some three trillion, billion years ago, most of my dorm mates had to read a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.   I wasn’t in the class that assigned the book and so I didn’t have to.  Back then I cared very … Read more

Plumber Crack

From young to old, courtesy of multiple sclerosis Last week I minimally and tentatively gave multiple sclerosis credit for something good-my being mistaken for someone not old enough to legally purchase alcohol. Well I was wrong!   MS reared its ugly, aging head once more just so I didn’t go too crazy with sentimental gratitude.  For … Read more

Here Comes Gina Romani!

An MS Positive?   Possibly. Myself, and fellow MS’ers like me, have a tendency to blame multiple sclerosis for everything bad.  Not just everything medically bad in our bodies, but everything bad.  War, death, violence, hatred, Justin Bieber,….…you name it.  If it’s bad, it is MS’s fault. And why shouldn’t it be?  MS is a … Read more

Toe Story

Some MS science fiction Just this morning someone in one of my online MS Facebook groups asked how do you know when something new in your body is MS or some other medical issue? This is an excellent question without a definitive answer. I have struggled with this many, many times as each new weird … Read more