Shower Time

A new multiple sclerosis skill People not living with multiple sclerosis or another chronic illness can’t possibly understand the fatigue we talk about unless they have actually spent hours trying to find the energy to take a shower. It doesn’t matter if my achy body slept in til 11 or I had to get up … Read more

Scary Brain, Scary Movie

Multiple Sclerosis meets HALLOWEEN I didn’t mean to break my promise a couple of weeks ago; the promise where I swore I would post a new blog soon.  Technically I haven’t broken anything.  My definition of soon can be very different from your definition of soon.   But I am working on it and hope … Read more

Why I’m Voting for Snow Miser

Multiple Sclerosis and the politics of temperature Last winter was a snowy, icy, super cold one.  People complained all over Facebook and threatened to pummel anyone who complained about the heat in the summer. I, for one, never once complained about the winter and insisted I had reserved my right to grumble about the July/August … Read more

Super Balls

Multiple Sclerosis investigates Deflate-Gate I went there.  I did.  I went to the topic that has been on the minds of Americans for the last twelve days or so; the topic that has everyone in the country sick of jokes about players and their balls. The reason why I felt ballsy enough- yes, I did … Read more

The Curious Case of Multiple Sclerosis Part 5

Bored as a Board When I was growing up, my mom or my dad, my sister, my grandmother, someone in my life used to like to say, ”if you’re bored, you’re boring.” This phrase has been ingrained on my brain since then. I want to do everything I can to not be boring, although I … Read more

Still a Little Lazy

Too Lazy Even for Me Makes an MS Comeback   The plan was to post a brand spanking new (where does that weird expression come from anyway?) blog today.  It really was.  Especially since the last two blogs have been repeats.   But then important things got in the way like visits with friends, a … Read more

12 Days of Christmas, MS Style

A multiple sclerosis Christmas carol   As you finish up all your last minute holiday preparations, please enjoy last year’s Christmas ditty.  And some fun giggle induced cartoons as well! I love Christmas. I love Christmas songs. But personally, I don’t love the 12 Days of Christmas carol.  I find it obnoxious.  Recently however, I … Read more


Multiple Sclerosis goes criminal   When I typed the title of this blog post I was saying to myself, laaaaaawwwww breaker, using a Matthew McConaughey legal thriller voice.   What does Matthew’s southern accent have to do with this blog? Nothing, it’s just how my brain works. So here’s a question, if multiple sclerosis is criminal, … Read more

Getting Older: A Good Thing?

A multiple sclerosis guest blog by Jennifer Digmann Ahhh friends, autumn is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled!   The weather has been just perfect and I am so happy that I have been outside a bit, picking up some natural vitamin D. I have been enjoying this time of year so much that I … Read more

An MS Doodle Dandy

Multiple Sclerosis patriotism   With the exception of my late teen/early 20’s years, I have never been much of a rebel.  I grew up with this intense need to please and so when someone tells me to do something, I do it. I floss daily. I get my car’s oil changed every 3500 miles. I … Read more