Have you already Heard the One about the One Ms’er who Drove the Other MS’er to the Neurologist?

A repeat of the wacky multiple sclerosis road trip The last couple of weeks in July have been very busy and my already foggy brain has been too foggy to come up with something new.  The foggy weather hasn’t helped either.  Please accept this repeat blog post today instead of some creatively brilliant musing that … Read more

I’ve Fallen and I Don’t WANT to Get Up

MS Wipeout   Fido pushed me. Fido is the name of my portable air conditioner that lives as my personal puppy during the summer months. He provides hours of relaxation and bliss this time of year, but needs constant attention and is very high maintenance. I was walking by him during one of the hottest, … Read more

Did you Hear the One about the One MS’er who Drove the Other MS’er to the Neurologist?

A multiple sclerosis road trip My sister Laurie was not feeling well.  Our neurologist was able to squeeze her into an emergency appointment. Since our neurologist does not practice in a concrete, congested, horribly difficult to navigate city, I was able to drive her there. But before we began the one hour and 45 minute … Read more