Shock & Awe

Due to MS, Fibromyalgia & who knows what else, I suffer from major chronic insomnia. Of course with MS, I also have an overactive bladder. My bedtime routine consists of going to the bathroom first. Then I sit on the side of the bed, take my bedtime medication, which does contain a sleep aid, don my CPAP apparatus, and finally use a pain rub that is menthol, wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, and eucalyptus, etc…also I use Vick’s vapor rub.

It’s obvious to see why I use the bathroom first…before I get all the “invigorating” natural substances on my hand(s).

Fast forward 2 hours to a semi-conscious state & the strong urge to go tee-tee, AGAIN…forgetting that I have all that “stuff” on my hands. Half asleep I pull the toilet paper from the roll. When I’m alert I do take the time to fold the TP to make sure it covers the entire surface of my hand…while sedated, not so much. Suddenly, I feel burn, hot & cold simultaneously, and other sensations in the girlie parts & I become fully awake in 0.2 seconds!!! Talk about invigorating!!

But not in a good way! I spend the next few minutes trying to de-mint my nether regions!! I finally got back in bed & now I keep a package of personal cleaning wipes beside my pain rub to wipe my hands after use.
I hope this gave you a giggle or two!

3 thoughts on “Shock & Awe

  1. Wow Susan, I thought my bedtime potty routines were insane! My question is, do you then have to repeat the process two and four hours later? Talk about nightmare. In my sleep life if I can just get up every 2-3 hours it’s a good night. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have much the same problems but never had the “pleasure” of minty down under! Your story defiantly gave me a case of the giggles 🙂

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