Newborn Steps

Taking Control of a Long Neglected MS Body

Tiny Baby Feet

Yes, I know that newborns don’t step anywhere and that the actual expression is ‘baby steps’. But I recently spent some time with 13 month old twins and those babies could move! I worried that even baby steps would be too much for me to start my new ‘get fit’ routine.

It began with Montel William’s HealthMaster Elite arriving in a big box and landing at my front door. Step 1- I brought the box inside. Company was due to arrive soon, so I did the sensible thing and moved the box into a corner in the spare room.

Please don’t think I was ungrateful. I was very excited about my HealthMaster. But whether it is MS, or me being me, everything, even gifts can sometimes be overwhelming. As I have learned to do with many things that do not put me in the best light, I am going to blame MS.

Garden Fresh Collection

Days after the company left, I proceeded onto Step 2. I opened the box, and, because I was feeling encouraged that day, I pulled out the Living Well Garden Recipe Collection Binder and actually looked at the recipes (steps 3 and 4). Some of them looked really good. There was even a recipe for broccoli soup that looked like it didn’t even have any broccoli in it-how great would that be?!

Then I started to wimp out. It is summer, the time of ice cream, frozen alcoholic beverages and fried foods, how can I start a ‘get fit’ plan in the summer? Plus, I do like soup and the soup recipes look delish so why not wait until September and focus on the plan by just eating soup?

I’m not a total health waste case. I had quit smoking before my diagnosis over two years ago and now just bummed the occasional cigarette. When my sister Audrey visited for two weeks in June, I only bummed one off of her and that was after a mini family crisis. See, I can be healthy.

Plus, when I turned on my WiiFit with the idea of starting to workout regularly, I didn’t argue with it when it told me it had been 23 days since I last used it. I debate its count but have decided that the best relationships aren’t built on arguing, so I let it go.

After only two exercises the Wii told me that it was ok to give my body a little rest if I started to feel tired. I always feel tired, that was the point of doing the Wii. I didn’t give in to its permission and continued to work out.

So back to analyzing whether I really needed to start this plan now, at the beginning of one of the hottest July’s I can remember. But then I started thinking about how tired I was blowing bubbles with Lexi during her visit. Or, about the televison interview I had given recently (shameless self promotion-check it out-   )    that featured a dynamic young woman with a lot of positive things to say but who carried an extra sixty lbs. Who was that lady? It couldn’t be me! Yes, I know the camera adds 50 lbs but where did the extra ten come from?

I would start now! Step 5- pick a recipe and buy the ingredients. I picked the Banana Peanut Smoothie as I didn’t want to start with anything too hardcore and it reminded me of Elvis, who loved banana peanut butter sandwiches and who’s eating and fitness routine I have always admired. No wait, it was his singing I admired, that’s right. I always confuse those two.

Elvis Snack

Step 6-watch the HealthMaster video as I wanted to do everything right and wanted to prolong the actual work as much as possible. Step 7- clean the unit before its first use. Step 8- make the smoothie.

Step 9-Enjoy!


Follow my progress with my next post on 7/20/12.



11 thoughts on “Newborn Steps

  1. So awesome again!!! My mother and I were talking about it today and as awful as it is that you have this illness…maybe it was just meant to be to get you to write again and bring joy hopefully to yourself and definitely to everyone who gets to enjoy your writing and humor. I KNOW big things are going to happen with your writing!!!!!

    • Thank you so much friend-you so rock! I kind of can’t help but think that everything happens for a reason, even if the reason is to get me writing better stuff than the crappy poetry I was spouting in high school! Who knows…..

    • Ahhh Caroline, that is in the next blog- stay tuned! Seriously, I think I can handle this plan. Thank you so much for reading!

  2. I am loving your writings! This Blog is just great, thank you for doing this, you know? I would enjoy this blog even if I didn’t have m.s. Yvonne you are a truly gifted writer!

  3. This is such a great blog Yvonne! I should like to join you and getting in shape with you! Will keep up with this!

    • Thank you so much Lisa! Let’s do it together and let’s do it the right way and rely on God and our God given senses of humor!

    • Thank you Sandra-I hope one of my blogs made you smile! Please share with others if you know anyone else you think may enjoy it. I hope you are feeling fantastic and having an excellent start to your weekend!

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