My relationship with my android phone

Let me start by saying that I am NOT usually a funny person and I hate being the first one to write but I adore Yvonne so here goes:

It took me several years to give up my flip phone (black, clunky and easy to put in my pocket, drop, put in the pouch of my hoodies.) Well you get the picture. On a particularly busy day (yes I have them) I was talking to a friend on my brand new Android phone (no one is paying me so I am not going to mention a name) and waiting for someone else to text and yet another person to call. The darned phone started pulsating and buzzing and I had no idea where it was coming from. I started to run around the kitchen like a nut case looking for the source of this noise and thinking it was my MS buzzing. Suddenly I realized it might be the phone with that call I had been waiting for (the noise) but still had no idea about the buzzing and didn’t care at this point. I started to rant to the person on the other end that I could not find my darned phone (edited for PG.) This went on until the noise stopped and a new noise went “bing” and the buzzing stopped. She was kind enough to let me finish my rant (mind you I am running up and down the stairs and in every room looking for the phone as surely it must be the phone) when she said very calmly – your phone is in your hand and to your ear – you are talking to me!

What a fool I was. I couldn’t figure out how to hang up this thing – I am amazed I figured out how to answer it at all. She told me she would hang up and I should look to see if I had a text and a voicemail. After a few minutes of searching icons I realized I had, indeed, received the text and there was a voice mail from the call I was waiting for. How can this one contraption do so much and my brain not even know I was already on the phone?

After much searching on the net I have, after a year, figured out how to use this phone, well sort of. Sometimes I can answer a text while I am on the phone without cutting off the person I am speaking with and the same with answering the phone and then switch back (I believe it is called putting them on hold.) I think maybe at this stage you just can’t teach an MS dog a new trick, but I am trying as I will be darned if some kid can do it all while walking I think I should be able to do the basic functions required of an android phone while standing still.

Now my son tells me they are talking about virtual phones on your wrist through a hologram – ugh I may never talk to anyone ever again and that may be a good thing, maybe.

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  1. That is a riot my friend- thank you! One of which I can totally relate. I think it is a cruel irony that they call them smart phones. My Android is definitely NOT making me any smarter!!

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