MS Extreme Sports

Multiple Sclerosis sporting events

Years ago, my 10 year old nephew spent the weekend with me and we went to the video store to rent some movies.

(For you young ones who need clarification, my nephew is 21 now so this was back in the scary days before Netflicks, On Demand and Amazon. There was no instant movie watching gratification. If you wanted to watch a movie you actually had to get in your car and drive a few minutes to a store to see if the movie you wanted to watch was even available and then you paid for it and brought it home. This is how we used to have to do it- horrors I know.)

He was into skateboarding and so the movie we rented was about extreme skateboarding. We unknowingly turned it in late and I had some explaining to do when my boyfriend and I rented a movie the next weekend and he wanted to know why he was paying a late fee for a movie titled XXX that I supposedly rented with my nephew.

“It was called XXX as in triple X sporting events-skateboarding, snowboarding, dirt biking.”

‘Uh huh.”

For some reason, remembering this story got me thinking about extreme sports for MS’er’s. I know many of my fellow MS’er’s keep themselves very active. Montel Williams went snowboarding in Chile this summer. Is there even snow in Chile, especially in the summer? I was too fatigued to Google this fact to get that question answered.

My aunt tells me her friend has MS and participates in triathlons. I don’t know what a triathlon is but just saying the word is making me tired.

And then there are a lot of people with MS who walk in the MS Walks to raise money and awareness about this insidious disease. I could do that. I bet I could walk the whole route; if someone let me borrow their motorized chair maybe.

I am proud of my fellow MS’ers and say good for them! But it is making me feel left out. How come there isn’t a sport for me to go the distance in? There are some things I am great at.

How about an extreme sleeping event? I would totally ace that one! One time I slept a total of 23 out of 27 hours! Can Montel do that?

What about an extreme bladder release event? How many times can you empty your bladder in one night? My record is 18 in a five hour time period. That is extreme for sure!

How about a driest mouth event? My meds cause the worst case of dry mouth and I swear that if I didn’t brush my teeth constantly, I could grow a forest on my tongue.

How about a pin cushion event? One time, I had three different shots in one day- my regular, a blood test and the flu shot. How many living pin cushions are there in this world?

I do, I feel left out. Perhaps I will make my own extreme video. Of course it might be a little boring for others to watch in the sleeping event.

And I am not sure how much visual detail in the bladder event I want to include, but I will figure this out. After I go to the bathroom and take my meds. Then perhaps I will rest for a bit……

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2 thoughts on “MS Extreme Sports

  1. I remember being doseniagd with MS..I too felt like my world had ended..But the truth is , it’s just begun !I am a 50Yr old F..I have had MS many years..I have been on betaseron for 8 years and I am thriving on it ! I still work full time and lead an active life with my Grand babiesMy best suggestions are to research the disease modifying drugs.They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.It’s up to you and your Neurologist to decide which is best for your needs and lifestyles.Eat right..Keep active ! I love yoga , it helps with tight muscles and balance issues.Watch your alcohol intake and just in general be good to yourself..I treat myself to a massage now and then.I wont fib to with MS isn’t always easy,but for the most part..It’s really not that bad ! and on days when I am feeling down, I just remember the words of a very wise 3 yr old I know.. Pull up your big girl panties and get over it !A positive attitude will really make the difference Was this answer helpful?

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