Gas Station Potty Adventures

Believe me…it definitely took years for me to get over the shock & pure embarrassment whenever bladder & bowel oopsies would happen without warning – especially whenever I was in the car or away from home. It took even longer before I could openly share my experiences & allowed the giggles to replace feelings of shame.
It happens, ya know? I’ve had to say “bye bye” to favorite undies tossed in restroom trash bins of various gas stations & other “odiferous” establishments. Nowadays, I try to be prepared (try to keep wet wipes & spare garments in the car), yet if I’m a passenger in someone else’s car, er…um… who knows – it’s often a luck of the draw. In the meantime, I’ve become quite savvy about public restrooms! I know which ones are easily accessible, usually unoccupied, don’t require hazmat suits, nose plugs, etc.

I should probably write some Yelp reviews regarding best public restrooms for MSers & our oopsies!
Giggles shared AND censored a bit to avoid being too graphic here for you readers!

4 thoughts on “Gas Station Potty Adventures

  1. Hey Mary- I think a Yelp review section specific to folks with chronic illness sounds like an awesome idea! Especially when you talk about “odiferous” ones and hazmat suits. I would definitely subscribe. In addition to my own bladder issues I’m a total germ-a-phobe which just adds to the crazy and the difficulty!

  2. There are web sites where people with disabilities can review business establishments for accessibility. Here’s one of them:

    It even has a specific bathroom rating system. Unfortunately, they rely on people like you and me to populate it and it’s mostly empty now.

  3. Just had this happen last weekend- I know that outside had station bathrooms are known for grossness….. but had to go immediately…. like barely got I there! Then it was a matter of balancing to not touch anything, and literally puking it was SO awful! Lol. I’m glad i carry sanitizer! I had this look as I was trying to get to the car, couldn’t get out of that place fast enough lol my hubby thought I was being chased! I’d really rather go on side of the road ( Yes that happened off the turnpike in jersey once ) than ever go into a bathroom like that ever again!

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