Falling Down

Having MS for over 20 years, I’ve taken my share of falls.
Multiple Sclerosis will do that to you. MS throws your balance out of whack & binds your feet like your shoes are tied together.
My doctor will ask “Have you fallen recently?” To which I reply “Which day?”
I fall so often people think my aftershave is “Spic-N-Span.”
I fall so often when I floss I find carpet nap.
I’ve taken more tumbles than Simone Biles.
I’m the only guy I know who gets grass stains—on his shoulders.
My rear end has kissed the floor so many times I have rug burn on my butt.
Have I been injured? Oh of course. It’s all part of having MS.
I just gotta be more careful.
Keep moving my friends!

1 thought on “Falling Down

  1. Thank you for adding your Giggle Doug. Before my diagnosis I was such a klutz that I had the nickname Grace. Now I know that I had MS as an excuse- too bad I couldn’t use it then!!

    FYI Friends- Doug writes his own MS humor blog that a freaking riot! To get more giggles from Doug, check it out- http://www.myoddsock.com

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