Hey MS, Hug This!

Some results, dancing, and a little bit of a book   Hope everyone is stuffed in a good way this day after Thanksgiving! First up on today’s blog, I must apologize for misstating the chapter of MS Madness: A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis. I have been talking about the Hey MS, … Read more

A Few of My Favorite Things

A little MS gratitude just in time for Thanksgiving   Hello friends-  this blog is a repeat as I am kind of out of town and thus, a little too out of my mind to come up with a new blog.  At least this repeat has some holiday relevancy.  Even if you don’t like reading repeats, … Read more

What’s in a Name?

A new multiple sclerosis/yvonnedesousa.com contest This week’s post features something new and a request for help. So many readers have kindly suggested that one of these days I should put my crazy MS opinions and antics into a book. The thing is, I actually have written a book; a book that lives in a link … Read more

Flipnastics, Again

Incidental MS sports Thank you to WEGO Health for making me one of the ten finalists for their Hilarious Health Activist Award! It is so fun and exciting to be nominated and I am in amazing company! Yesterday a handsome FedEx guy delivered an unexpected package. The handsome FedEx guy should not be confused with … Read more

MS/PMS MonSter Mash

An MS transformation I recently joined a Facebook group for people with multiple sclerosis. The group is awesome and if anyone is looking for an online community where you can ask questions, meet other people in circumstances similar to yours, or just joke and vent, I encourage you to look into it. It is called … Read more

Taffy Summer

This post is dedicated to all of my Cape Cod friends who are likely in the deep, deep throes of Augustitis. It’s ok my over worked, over heated, over tired, over questioned, over being run over friends- Labor Day will be here soon. The stickiest job I ever held was at a candy store that … Read more

50 Shades of Green

Doing it Veggie Style No this post is not about my love life. If it was, I would bore my readers to tears and I am trying to increase my hits, not bore people away. This post is about the amazing thing I learned while I have been on this ‘get fit’ journey. Turns out, … Read more

The Star Wars Way

A Healthmaster Elite/Multiple Sclerosis ‘Get Fit’ Plan So the Banana Peanut Smoothie was actually pretty good. It wasn’t as incredibly super delicious as say, a Cookie Dough Nor’easter (the Cape Cod version of a DQ Blizzard), but it was ok. Strangely, the recipe said it made four servings when it actually made ten. Why is … Read more

Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot

Multiple Sclerosis and the Heat Wave Alert– this a Multiple Sclerosis Weather Advisory. We interrupt this ‘get fit’ plan blog post for a heat wave. It is highly recommended that all people with multiple sclerosis be advised, hide and take cover. Based on the above, there was no work done on my new ‘get fit’ … Read more