If you’re in the Wrong Airport, you Might have MS

Chicago MS Summit Part II Part 1 of this post appeared on my blog last week and is titled, Meet Me in the Windy City Novartis provided all the airfare, hotel, meals and travel costs for this summit. I surprisingly still had a lot of energy after the summit ended. Maybe I shouldn’t have been … Read more

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah-Re-release

A now old, but new MS symptom So my computer is back and I’m getting caught up.  And I’m finally rested and refreshed after a fun, paid weekend away in the windy city.  More on that later in the month as I can’t go to Chicago without coming up with at least one blog about … Read more

Gag Me with an MS Spoon

Another very scary multiple sclerosis moment mixed with some 80’s fun You’ve probably heard of the Spoon Theory.  It’s an essay/story/explanation of how one woman uses spoons to describe chronic illness fatigue to her friend. It’s downright brilliant. I did some research and I think and hope the author of the Spoon Theory is Christine Miserandino.  … Read more

Tumble Bunnies for Easter

A retro MS post for spring So this week’s blog post happens to coincide with Holy Week which means that it also coincides with religious obligations, family obligations, friend obligations, MS obligations, life obligations and resting obligations.  What that means is no new blog for you!  Hahaha! But I thought this post from two years … Read more

MS Moments Not So Magical

What a multiple sclerosis moment REALLY looks like This magic moment, So different and so new These are the opening lines of a sappy sweet song by the Drifters that is actually about a couple falling in love.  Yet the song is stuck in my head as I am analyzing and over analyzing other “moments” … Read more

A Little MS TMI

An embarrassing multiple sclerosis symptom There are not enough words in the English language to describe something that is weird; I know, I’ve checked. Recently I was told about this neat trick in my Microsoft program where I can type in a word and then right click on it for a list of synonyms.   So, … Read more