Healthy Voices Abound

Multiple Sclerosis goes back to Chicago! Janssen covered my travel expenses to attend HealtheVoices17.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.  (Thank goodness!  It would be scary if a successful company like Janssen thought the crazy way I do!) It was the first morning.  Despite the super comfy beds in the wicked nice … Read more

Holiday Heart Madness

A post Valentine MS post I’m not against Valentine’s Day.  Truly, I’m not. Let the sappy saps in love or in intense-like-flirting have their sappy day. Plus, Valentine’s Day ushers in one of my favorite holidays, half off lots of chocolate candy day, which I totally celebrate.  Where was I on 2/15?  In the clearance … Read more

If you’re in the Wrong Airport, you Might have MS

Chicago MS Summit Part II Part 1 of this post appeared on my blog last week and is titled, Meet Me in the Windy City Novartis provided all the airfare, hotel, meals and travel costs for this summit. I surprisingly still had a lot of energy after the summit ended. Maybe I shouldn’t have been … Read more

Super Balls

Multiple Sclerosis investigates Deflate-Gate I went there.  I did.  I went to the topic that has been on the minds of Americans for the last twelve days or so; the topic that has everyone in the country sick of jokes about players and their balls. The reason why I felt ballsy enough- yes, I did … Read more

To Shower or not to Shower-that is the MS Question

Another multiple sclerosis dilemma   Don’t be gross.  It was a wedding; of course I was going to shower. And no, it wasn’t MY wedding.  Seems in order for me to have a wedding I would have to find a groom somewhere.  And that just sounds really, really exhausting. But yes, for my friend’s wedding … Read more

The Motley Two Go to Motley Crue

Multiple Sclerosis meets heavy metal   Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a good old summer head banging concert to remind you that you have multiple sclerosis.  Or that you are getting old.  I can’t tell which. Too often the things that make me feel old could either be signs of old age or signs of MS.  … Read more

A Zombie Goes Down the MRI Tube

Are you an MS zombie too? Earlier this week, someone posted the above picture in one of my Facebook MS groups. (Sorry, fellow MS’er and poster.  I didn’t want to steal your pic but I really liked it and was desperate for a blog post idea.) I laughed out loud at the picture and immediately … Read more

The Noisy Bed, Rated G

A multiple sclerosis staycation Last week, EMD Serono/Pfizer invited me and nine other MS bloggers from around the country to a summit. They wanted to pick our collective MS brains about MS blogger things. It was an honor to be included among this talented and eclectic group, a bunch of folks as different as our … Read more