Twice Bitten

Multiple sclerosis nutrition woes again…. Yes, I’m trying to get healthy for summer.  And yes, this blog is a repeat, originally published spring of 2013.   But I figured it was ok as my menu issues continue….. I swear that I really am taking this whole healthier diet thing seriously.  Yet, I just seem to … Read more

For Those Who Might Have Forgotten—Forget-me-nots

An Official MS Flower As I do, I have been complaining about Spring quite a bit lately and will probably do it more in the future. But for those who actually like this season, I thought I would re-post this past blog in dedication to them.   Please allow me to send you some flowers … Read more

Press One for Dumb

MS Stupid is as MS Stupid Does For the record, I’m not saying that people with brain fog or other cognitively limiting chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis are dumb. That would be wrong. And it would get people really, really mad at me just as I am trying to sell them a book or two-too … Read more

The Bladder and Fatigue Duke it Out

A multiple sclerosis war of the personal kind I am trying to better appreciate my bladder, but it sure doesn’t make it easy. By far, my most annoying MS symptoms are fatigue and the unruly behavior of my obnoxious bladder. Cognitive difficulties are high on the list too, but since my cognitively limited brain often … Read more

Falling Backwards

An up close, in depth, comprehensive look at multiple sclerosis “cog fog”   First things first with today’s blog post- please don’t sue me. I did not come up with the name of multiple sclerosis “cog fog.” I found it on the internet on two different sites and so I have no clue who to … Read more


An official MS flower   Do you have a favorite flower, friends? I am not just asking my female readers; men can appreciate flowers too. Although their flowering tastes likely go to something masculine like a braided money tree or a Venus fly trap (both of which are actually plants but so what?) Men enjoy … Read more

MS Counts

Multiple Sclerosis and Arithmetic This August I received some disturbing news; Count von Count passed away. I didn’t hear about this from the internet or TV news, but from my own local newspaper. It seems that Count von Count actually lived in my neighborhood (my real neighborhood, not Sesame Street.) It made me sad that … Read more