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The Evil Curse of the Yellow Green Demon Dust

Multiple sclerosis and spring crash, badly


If the contents of this blog sound way too familiar, you are not going crazy. While it is not an actual repeat, it does bear many of the common complaints listed in a better titled blog from last April, Chop Their Happy Little Heads Off.

I spoke too damn soon this year. For a whole two seconds, I actually started to get excited about spring, my least favorite time of year. I noticed the beautiful flowers sprouting everywhere and appreciated their symbol of colorful new life developing through the seasons. I even studied them in my quest for the perfect flower to represent multiple sclerosis, Forget-me-nots.


Unlike previous years, I did not mock people who were excited when the warmer weather arrived. When it seemed like we officially had to bid farewell to snow, I smiled as I put my shovel and boots away.

I proudly thought of the savings that would be made clear in my utility bill as I turned off the heat. I even dared to go to bed without socks on.

I bought bug spray, started wearing sunscreen (note- the experts want you to do that all year,) and fantasized about long strolls on the beach.


As people around me began to speak of allergies and started sneezing and sniffling, I felt smug as I remained unaffected. The allergen that caused one of my friends to break out in a rash so badly that the hospital wanted to commit and study her, must be from a different type of contaminant.

I was weathering May superbly. I tentatively opened windows and was thrilled that the light wind was blowing in crisp, fresh air. I constantly dusted the window sills for pollen and there wasn’t any! Spring truly would be lovely this year.

As the talk around me got worse and I told myself allergy sufferers were just whiners who liked to whine, I soaked up the season. Until yesterday when sitting by the cool window, I turned to my computer and found it awash in ugly yellow green dust.


I had only just inspected to make sure my house was pollutant free. But it seemed that within minutes, pollen, the disgusting by-product of spring had attacked and I was running for cover. I closed windows and started cleaning; which was a major bummer as I had just completed some super intense cleaning only eight weeks before.

Suddenly my MS symptoms of late had a new cause- the headaches, the sore throat and the extreme fatigue on top of already extreme fatigue might now be a combination of MS and the attack of the demon dust.

I ran to my medicine chest for my free sample of allergy medication, only to discover that my free sample of allergy medication was actually a free sample of heartburn medication.

I grabbed my keys and made for my car; a trip to the pharmacy was in order. But outside, I was blinded by the evil demon dust and in the place where my car had been parked there was now a huge filthy yellow green monster.

If God creates the season and the flowers, then pollen must be from an alternate source. Satan himself, covering God’s spring beauty with misery. There is no way this particular dust comes from fairies. It must be demonic.


I pictured demons flying around my yard and covering my house, my poor car and me with this awful stuff and flew back into the house for shelter. The house that was now boiling hot with all the windows closed. Back to multiple sclerosis, heat wreaks even more havoc on an MS body.

I had only recently turned off the thermostat; was I now to start jacking up the utility bill with the air conditioning? But no, I found my little portable ac buried under a bunch of stuff and likely also covered with pollen.


It was all too much. So I did what I do best. I fell into bed and covered my head with a pillow. Then I fell asleep.

Spring should only be around for another five or six weeks, right? I can totally sleep until then, easy.


Important Note

Dear Friends,

While this blog may seem to suggest that I am overwhelmed by the little annoyances of life, please note that this is just me trying to fight back against these annoyances with a little humor. In no way do I take these minor troubles too seriously.

I feel this is important to note in light of the tragic weather that took place in Oklahoma earlier this week, causing death, catastrophic injuries, and destruction throughout a large part of the state. The people of Oklahoma are facing real struggles right now and likely have little to laugh about. Please join me in sending them prayers, well wishes, and whenever possible, donations to help them in the aftermath of this extreme misfortune.



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Could Be Minutes, Could Be Days

An MS’er tackles a blizzard

In my world, cold is better than hot (as long as cold includes a nice cup of scalding hot tea,) and snow is better than humidity. Seems I remember in the past, losing hot water and having to take an ice cold shower before heading off to work. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t hell.

More recently and AMSEML (after MS entered my life,) I lost hot water again and attempted the cold shower. It was summer and so while I was not looking forward to it, I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. It was.

The icy water was not refreshing. It felt more like sharp edged icicles stabbing me all over. It hurt so much that I wasn’t able to breathe. I kept telling myself to breathe, what was wrong with me that I wasn’t breathing? It was too much and I burst from my shower covered in soap.


Flash forward to storm prep for the blizzard of 2013– the storm that was to arrive only two weeks after a previously predicted snow storm never showed up. I love winter and had eagerly awaited this one, the winter the Farmers’ Almanac promised would be cold and snowy.

The reality is that what I love about the season is being toasty warm and drinking tea while watching the lovely snow fall from my window. I didn’t doubt the blizzard predictions and even enjoyed monitoring them on the nightly news. But no one, no matter how prepared you are, seriously appreciates what a lack of power means on a 20 degree day, at least for more than a few hours.

I bought the batteries and bottled water. I watched the weather reports. As the wind kicked up late in the afternoon before the blizzard, I plugged in my electric blanket to warm my bed up before the expected power outages. Just before nine it happened; the power was gone and so was the immediate future of further electrically generated heat. Since I had pre-warmed my bed, and was exhausted as always, I drifted off to sleep.

Morning and frigid air came quickly. When I awoke, I buried deep under my covers and rested there for another hour. I tried to flood my brain with positive self talk.

You knew power outages were likely.

It’s not like you are going to die from the cold, you’re still inside.

So it will suck for a bit, so what, that’s life.

There’s no way to know how long this will last. It could be minutes, it could be days.

Get up and get moving, you’ll have to at some point.

When I accepted that cold or no cold, I couldn’t justify laying in bed all day, I crawled from my cocoon and began to layer up. Me, the girl who has never, ever worn hats since rapidly removing the ones my mom insisted I wear on my walk to grade school, (removing the hat as soon as our house was out of sight-hopefully enough time has passed that I won’t be grounded for admitting this,) put on a hat.

It was a miracle I even found a hat in my house. (I think it must have come in the pretty scarf/glove/hat Christmas gift set several holidays before, the scarf and gloves I do use).

I layered on anything I could possibly think of; undershirt, turtleneck, sweater, sweatshirt, sweatpants, three pairs of socks. Where oh where did my leg warmers from the eighties go? I layered up so much that I looked and walked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.


Then I realized I had to pee. My vow to all those reading these words is to never, ever again silently make fun of people who have those soft, vinyl padded toilet seat covers. I may even buy one, if only to use during cold weather power outages.

Once I recovered from that shock, I wobbled my padded self and my blankets to where I could be productive in spite of the circumstances, the sofa. Wrapped in my Boston Bruins thermal blankie (still one of the best Christmas gifts eva!), I tried to decide how to spend the arctic day. I was determined not to use the blizzard as an excuse to fall off my “get fit” plan.

I could exercise. But no, I needed to save the treasured batteries on the Wii Fit board and there was no tv anyway. How about outside to shovel? No point, the snow was still coming down and there would be no way to warm up when I was done. I could just move around my house but hauling all those blankets and layers seemed dangerous.

I insisted I would at least eat healthy and hydrate properly. I had even prepared for that- buying produce and rinsing it before the storm so that I could make myself a salad and eat fruit so as not to falter on my plan.

But that wasn’t happening. Everything was so frosty there was no way I was sinking my teeth into an ice cold apple or orange or even attempting to put together a salad. And the water was ice cold too. I did manage a banana for breakfast but that was the end of eating healthy.

After that I went to the snacks; easy to open, not cold to bite into. One may wonder why I had snacks in the house in the first place. Remember, there was a blizzard coming and my “get fit” plan is taking the baby steps route.

Still trying to be somewhat productive, I thought I would use my laptop battery to get some writing done. But no, between MS and the freezing air, my fingers were not inclined to cooperate.


What I missed most was that scalding cup of tea I so treasure. So much so, that when due to a dangerously low amount of wax I needed to blow out one candle, I fell into a dangerously euphoric state. Picking up the glass covered candle, I realized how hot it was.

As I tightly grasped the bottle with both hands, I almost felt it was a mug of tea I was holding. I popped out of my reverie before I gulped the wax itself and made the best of the situation by cuddling the bottle against my face, neck, hands and arms until its warmth was gone.

Soon the MS aches ramped up and the cold went from being unpleasant to excruciating. At some point it turned dark again and I shuffled back to my cocoon of bedding, hat and all.

I was luckier than most. By the next morning, the power was back, 36 hours after it went out; much, much better than what some folks were dealing with.


Here is what the storm taught me. The best of intentions can often go awry if something bigger than you has other plans. Like say, God, or storm fronts, or multiple sclerosis.

Sometimes you just have to give in and wait out what is holding you back, even if it could be minutes or could be days.

Controlled cold is better than uncontrolled heat. Controlled heat is better than uncontrolled cold. And, in spite of this frigid, miserable Saturday, I stand by uncontrolled cold being better than uncontrolled heat. This way, I can still whine in August.

And lastly, what I learned most, I need to start looking for vinyl toilet seat covers…..


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