Forgetting and Striding Away

Another MS attempt at getting healthy I know that memory loss is a part of MS cognitive difficulties; I just sometimes forget. Often I rely on those closest to me to help me remember important stuff.  That’s why you, my loyal and beloved readers, have let me down.  I forgot that back when I started this … Read more

Produce and Junk

Multiple Sclerosis and veggies continue to battle   If you were an earlier follower of my blog you may be familiar with my complete dislike, distrust and disuse of vegetables.  Technically, I know they’re important.  And so, little by little, baby step by baby step, I’ve been working on developing a better relationship with them.  … Read more

Just another Weird, Weird Day

“My MS is not your MS and your MS is weird.” Brilliant, semi-famous quote written by me Your MS is weird.  And sometimes, I suppose, mine is too.  Life with MS is certainly weird.  And then there are weird people and weird circumstances.  Recently, all this weirdness converged on what should have been a relatively … Read more

Star Wars is Coming Back!

The return of an MS smoothie master When I first started bloggin,g one of Montel William’s peeps sent me a free Healthmaster Elite in the hopes that I would blog about using it.  I did and the result was this blog post from July of 2012.  I’m reposting now because I have vowed to get … Read more

Loopy Fruit

Multiple Sclerosis and breakfast collide   I grew up as a child of the late seventies/early eighties.  What that means is that my Saturday mornings were spent in front of the TV, with a bowl of the best sugary cereal possible, watching classic cartoons. And by classic, I mean good cartoons; Scooby Doo, Schoolhouse Rock, … Read more

Portuguese Soup with an MS Twist

A multiple sclerosis culinary event   It was a privilege growing up Portuguese, especially when it came to Portuguese food.  Portuguese delicacies are awesome. What?  You don’t believe me? Trust me.  I have way too many extra pounds on my 5’3 frame to prove it. We Portuguese folks have our own veggie soup and even … Read more

H2O a Go, Go

Multiple Sclerosis Advice You may think today’s blog is another one that has me whining about my obnoxious bladder. Well, it’s not. Although, to paraphrase my sister Laurie, “my bladder issues do still piss me off!” When you tell people you have a chronic illness you find yourself on the receiving end of a ton … Read more

Twice Bitten

Multiple sclerosis nutrition woes again…. Yes, I’m trying to get healthy for summer.  And yes, this blog is a repeat, originally published spring of 2013.   But I figured it was ok as my menu issues continue….. I swear that I really am taking this whole healthier diet thing seriously.  Yet, I just seem to … Read more

If you were a Sesame Street Monster, which Monster would you be?

Multiple sclerosis brain fog muSings The latest rage on Facebook these days seems to be the fun little quizzes that tell you the inner secret of what you actually are. For example, if you were a classic rock band which classic rock band would you be? (Fleetwood Mac- I can deal with that but I … Read more