Here Comes Gina Romani!

An MS Positive?   Possibly. Myself, and fellow MS’ers like me, have a tendency to blame multiple sclerosis for everything bad.  Not just everything medically bad in our bodies, but everything bad.  War, death, violence, hatred, Justin Bieber,….…you name it.  If it’s bad, it is MS’s fault. And why shouldn’t it be?  MS is a … Read more

MS Shuffle and Shake

Music for multiple sclerosis to move to So this spring ushered in a blizzard and some company. With gale force winds and several inches of snow predicted for 3/26, my mom came to stay. For the record, these previous two statements are not complaints; neither about the weather or about my mom visiting. All is … Read more

Making it up as I Go

Multiple Sclerosis attempts to pretty up a bit I am terrified of my foundation. Ahhh, dear sympathetic readers, I must be psychic as I can hear your concern across the internet. “Yvonne must have fallen again and she is worried about her safety- that is what she means by foundation. She needs a more stable … Read more

The Curious Case of Multiple Sclerosis Part 1

MS and the aging process How is it even possible that an illness can make you feel like a little old lady and a little girl at the same time?    It seems only multiple sclerosis has the insanity to do just that. The old lady part isn’t surprising; I have felt older than my actual … Read more