The Curious Case of Multiple Sclerosis Part I

MS and the aging process Hi friends-  I’m repeating this particular blog solely because a long lost photo album was just discovered and in it were pictures of me and my best toddler friend.  What better way to show the bridges from childhood to old age and back again than me and my Mrs. Beasley?  Plus, this … Read more

The Not So Golden, Slightly Tarnished Girls

Multiple Sclerosis is no match for a birthday The story starts like this.  Three besties gather at the home of a fourth to help her celebrate her birthday.  The friends are the serious Gidget, the shy Amber, and the wild child Traci. ******Note-names have been changed in this writing to protect the ages and the … Read more

The World is coming to an End Part 2

Multiple Sclerosis is even uncooler than originally thought If you read last week’s blog, part one of this crucial two part posting, you might have felt that I was exaggerating.   But consider even more evidence as multiple sclerosis and aging continue to drastically combine, making me and my world even uncooler than originally thought. As … Read more

The World is coming to an End Part 1

Multiple Sclerosis is uncool   The world is coming to an end! Perhaps that statement is a little extreme.  But when I saw the commercial that was my first thought. What commercial you ask? The one where Henry Winkler tries to get people 62 and older to contact him about a reverse mortgage. You remember … Read more

Getting Older: A Good Thing?

A multiple sclerosis guest blog by Jennifer Digmann Ahhh friends, autumn is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled!   The weather has been just perfect and I am so happy that I have been outside a bit, picking up some natural vitamin D. I have been enjoying this time of year so much that I … Read more

The Motley Two Go to Motley Crue

Multiple Sclerosis meets heavy metal   Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a good old summer head banging concert to remind you that you have multiple sclerosis.  Or that you are getting old.  I can’t tell which. Too often the things that make me feel old could either be signs of old age or signs of MS.  … Read more

Plumber Crack

From young to old, courtesy of multiple sclerosis Last week I minimally and tentatively gave multiple sclerosis credit for something good-my being mistaken for someone not old enough to legally purchase alcohol. Well I was wrong!   MS reared its ugly, aging head once more just so I didn’t go too crazy with sentimental gratitude.  For … Read more