Happy MS Birthday

AN old lady looks at multiple sclerosis    Funny how A Pirate Looks at 40 is playing in my brain as I type. Where is that old Jimmy Buffet cd anyway? There was a time when a birthday would be celebrated with margarita in hand and listening to that song as the night started to wind … Read more

Oily Tears and All……

Multiple Sclerosis Meets Blepharitis MS’er’s know the drill- the illness is real even if we don’t look sick or the symptoms are hard to describe. “I don’t know- it’s weird. I just can’t think. It’s like my brain just can’t focus on anything.” Response from many non-MS’ers, “that’s cause you’re a space shot” or “well … Read more

Stupid MS!

Warning– this most recent blog post is written just days after returning from a month-long family vacation where the main travelers were two sisters with MS and their mom. It is absolutely not politically correct to call someone with multiple sclerosis, stupid. It is not even ok to call yourself stupid if you have MS … Read more