Gas Station Potty Adventures

Believe me…it definitely took years for me to get over the shock & pure embarrassment whenever bladder & bowel oopsies would happen without warning – especially whenever I was in the car or away from home. It took even longer before I could openly share my experiences & allowed the giggles to replace feelings of … Read more

Shock & Awe

Due to MS, Fibromyalgia & who knows what else, I suffer from major chronic insomnia. Of course with MS, I also have an overactive bladder. My bedtime routine consists of going to the bathroom first. Then I sit on the side of the bed, take my bedtime medication, which does contain a sleep aid, don … Read more

Falling Down

Having MS for over 20 years, I’ve taken my share of falls. Multiple Sclerosis will do that to you. MS throws your balance out of whack & binds your feet like your shoes are tied together. My doctor will ask “Have you fallen recently?” To which I reply “Which day?” I fall so often people … Read more