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The website that explores what happens when Multiple Sclerosis attacks a funny bone and misses!

A picture of Yvonne deSousa in a Santa hatThank you for checking out my website.   This is the place where I use a giggle stick to beat up on Multiple Sclerosis.

As I have been told and discovered, MS sucks.  But, it seems that everything surrounding this sucky illness is just so bizarre, you have to laugh to keep your sanity.

Like, what kind of a medical condition would call its most annoying symptom a hug?   Who came up with that?

What kind of illness actually makes you look much better than you feel causing those around you to think you are a hypochondriac? 

And when MS symptoms are visible, they make you look like you’re drunk.

So, if you have MS, people think you are a hypochondriac who drinks too much.   I learned early on that if I didn’t laugh at ironic MS circumstances like the above I would go insane.

The first bit of hysteria came on the evening of my diagnosis on 12/17/09 (Merry Christmas to me).  After being caught off guard with a phone call telling me to get to a hospital two hours away, and then spending the whole cold December day at said hospital, I arrived home to find my only piece of mail was a letter from the National MS Society.  It was Christmas time but there were no holiday cards or holiday bills.  Just a letter from the premier MS agency asking me for money.   What did they know that I didn’t?

Instead of crying, I cracked up.  Alone in my home I giggled and giggled, and giggled some more.   And I felt better. This was going to be a long ironic road.   But I learned early that to make it down this road, I would need my sense of humor.

I hope you will join me here as I use my blog to periodically make fun of something new in my MS world.

Some of the other pages you will find on my site are-

Laugh Lines lists funny quotes by folks known and unknown; quotes we MS’er’s will be able to appreciate.

To keep me from crying and screaming, I started jotting down all the crazy things that were happening to me.   They have turned into a book in progress.  Check out some of writings on the MS Madness Excerpts page.

The Bio and Published pages are, of course, shameless self-promotion.

And brand new as of April 2017, Giggles, a page where you can share your own crazy stories and read some of the insane stuff that’s happened to other readers!

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease that can be painful, terrifying, frustrating, and debilitating. But every once in a while, it can also be funny.

I hope my website helps you smile.

Yvonne deSousa